Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Lipstick Palette

The other day I reorganized my makeup and found this old lipgloss palette.  I received it from my sister years ago for Christmas and kept it ever since due to memories and of its uniqueness.  The glosses inside were far too old to use again so I figured out a cool way to reuse the palette with my own personal favorite lipsticks.  Here is a step by step instructional on what I did and a way to reuse your own old palettes.

Here is my palette.  Its a brand Fira that I assume was purchased from Hot Topic around 2001.  I have never heard of this brand before or remember much of other products by this brand.  But this is a cool packaging for 9 lip colors :)

I cleaned out the little pots inside with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips.  The three colors at the top I had already put in before I remembered to take pictures. haha  But this is how it would look like empty.

Here is where I shaved a bit of my favorite lipsticks and placed them in each pot.
I found it easy to use a razor so I wouldn't ruin the lipsticks.  These pots only held a little bit.

I used my hair dryer to melt the lipstick in the pots.
I used the low setting and did sit there for about 15 minutes before they melted.  I used a Q-tip to smooth out the colors.
And thats that.  Just clean up the edges and your all set! ^_^ 

After, I added an old Urban Decay lipgloss wand to complete the palette.  I am so excited I can reuse this awesome palette!  It makes traveling with many lip colors so much easier.  

For my choice of colors I used (left to right):

Dior Addict in Positive Red
Illamasqua in Pristine
L'Oreal in Mist
Maybellene in Cyber
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perele 106
Sephora Maniac Matt 09
NARS in Nouba
Purple Shimmer was original to the palette
Lastly, NARS in Gipsy

Friday, February 22, 2013

Blogged on Sephora/Pantone Color IQ

I wanted to blog about this earlier but never had the time to till now.  I really want to share this neat new tool with you.  This is something so new and unlike anything else.. no other Makeup/Cosmetic store will or ever have this.
       This is the Sephora + Pantone COLOR IQ

My location is one of the pilot stores to test this out.  So far I love it!
  This was created because most women are walking around with the WRONG SHADE or WRONG FORMULA for their skin.  WE value natural looking makeup that lets your true beauty shine through. We want to enhance that, not mask it.

What Color IQ is:

Since we partnered with Pantone we are becoming more color savvy.  The program matched EVERY SINGLE foundation, tinted moisturizer, and BB cream we carry online and in store and gave it a certain code.  ex. 4Y09

From there we are able to start to use our hand held device.  This is a HD camera that takes three up close snap shots of the clients skin.  It averages out a shade and then tells us your unique color number to put into our Ipad App.

This is the Main Screen of the App.  This is where we start.

Below is the Device we use to measure your skin color.

This is an example of the color Codes and such.

Now this screen shown below is an example of what will pop up when we put in your color code.  It will show us all options for your color match.  From there, we are able to narrow down the selections by the BRAND, FORMULATION, INGREDIENTS, SKIN TYPE, and SPF.

We can even email the list to you own personal email.  :)

And then we go ahead and try what we like and go from there.  I am very familiar by color matching the old way but this definitely cut my time in half.  I cannot wait till this spreads to other stores.

I hope you guys visit your nearest Sephora and give this a try.  Trust me you WILL LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Color Of The Year!!!

I am so excited to announce this.  I knew about it since January but  hadn't had the chance to officially announce it.  
Emerald is the official

Last year Sephora officially partnered with Pantone.  Sephora is the only cosmetic store to do so.
We started off with Tangerine Tango in 2012.  Boosted energy and moral in the world.
Now its about power and money.
I am sooo excited because I really like green next to blue and purple.  HOpefully next year they choose purple haha :)

Here is some of the new collection to arrive at all Sephora Stores by March 1st.  AHH I want everything!!!  I really want the gel stain eyeliner pot and the loose shimmer glitter powder.  Cannot forget about the awesome green mascara!!
I hope you all enjoy this as much as I am hehe :)

Also, on another note:  Our sign work and display images are SOO TOTALLY COOL!! I will post photos when I can.  Its cyber goth green future themed makeup and hair styles!!! O MAN !! TOO COOL!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Makeup Practice

Here are the photos from my Makeup Application on Friday.  I want to keep practicing line work and unique makeup looks.  My model is my coworker Krystina.  I knew she would be perfect for this look. Next time I will definitely not drink so much coffee before hand. .. my hand was shaking SOO MUCH!! but I am happy with how this look turned out :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

another bit 'o update for Feb.

Hmm... lets see..

  I hardly have time to use my computer because sometimes I am so tired by the time im through with my days I do not feel up to posting here.  I have been blocked out of my Facebook Fan page due to lame reasons and trying to get it fixed..  as of now its just Instagram and tumblr. :( sorry guys.
I had a great Valentines day and yesterday I did another Photo shoot with a Makeup Application I did.  Hopefully I will edit and post those today.
   Hmm lets see.. I have HUGE PLANS for the end of April and will talk about that later..

As of now.. I have another work week ahead, hopefully another makeup application day, I need a personal headshot photo shoot day.. and hmm.. maybe some actual friend time?  yeah.  oh and another dreaded wisdom tooth pull.. I have three left and should just do them all at once but don't want to since I have to be awake. :(  That should be done by the end of this month.. needs to be.
  Lastly, I am all ready for this Into the Wild themed party at the end of this month.  I just got my dress in the mail and IT IS PERRRFECT!!!!  I found it online and knew it was the one.  Going to borrow some real fur to wear with it from my friend.  Oh so luxury ~

Okay I think thats about all I have been up to or need to say.  AGH I wish I had more time to make this thing look cool...

Friday, February 8, 2013

A glimpse from OWFX

  Modeled for Open Wound FX awhile ago and here is one of the shots.
Patched Eye Prosthetics available soon.  It was so much fun!  but when she was done putting on the eye patch I had to do my makeup on the other eye.  THAT was hard to do when I could only see out of one eye.  haha

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Punk Pop of Color

  Today I did another Make up Application.  The theme is Pop of Color.  I was mostly trying to practice line work so there isn't much but line work and a little bit of smoldering.

My model was my coworker Vyvy.  Her favorite color is green so I used blue and green for the pop color.

I used:

Makeup Forever 
White Kohl Pencil
Aqua Colors

Liquid Metal
Powder Pigment
Skin Base

I was happy with how this turned out and it gave me another idea for my next look.  YAY next week another application!!



Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Work has me workin too much but hey- so much newness I cannot wait to share!!

And so with that said sorry about no new video it's ready I just need to do the voice over :/. But now on my way to the dentist.

Updates later :))
Along with more photo shoots this week!!!!!! Yay :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentines Day Makeup Look

Here are the photos from my Makeup Application I did with my coworker.  She was my model.  I used mostly Illamasqua products mixed with a little Makeup Forever and Urban Decay.
We did this early so that we both had the rest of our day off to enjoy it doing other things as well :)
way better that way because I had a lot of laundry to do annd I wanted to take a nap right when I was done haha.

She is such a beautiful model.  I am using her again for my next look!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Makeup Date today

Today I did a Makeup Application on my friend Lupe. We started around 8am and was finished by noon. My theme was Valentine.
For the rest of the day I longed around, did some laundry, and watched some Alien Documentaries along with some early X-Files :)

Ill be editing my makeup photos after this and will post soon :)
Xo tomorrow another early day!
And Video launch on Sunday!! Woo