Saturday, February 16, 2013

another bit 'o update for Feb.

Hmm... lets see..

  I hardly have time to use my computer because sometimes I am so tired by the time im through with my days I do not feel up to posting here.  I have been blocked out of my Facebook Fan page due to lame reasons and trying to get it fixed..  as of now its just Instagram and tumblr. :( sorry guys.
I had a great Valentines day and yesterday I did another Photo shoot with a Makeup Application I did.  Hopefully I will edit and post those today.
   Hmm lets see.. I have HUGE PLANS for the end of April and will talk about that later..

As of now.. I have another work week ahead, hopefully another makeup application day, I need a personal headshot photo shoot day.. and hmm.. maybe some actual friend time?  yeah.  oh and another dreaded wisdom tooth pull.. I have three left and should just do them all at once but don't want to since I have to be awake. :(  That should be done by the end of this month.. needs to be.
  Lastly, I am all ready for this Into the Wild themed party at the end of this month.  I just got my dress in the mail and IT IS PERRRFECT!!!!  I found it online and knew it was the one.  Going to borrow some real fur to wear with it from my friend.  Oh so luxury ~

Okay I think thats about all I have been up to or need to say.  AGH I wish I had more time to make this thing look cool...

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