Friday, February 22, 2013

Blogged on Sephora/Pantone Color IQ

I wanted to blog about this earlier but never had the time to till now.  I really want to share this neat new tool with you.  This is something so new and unlike anything else.. no other Makeup/Cosmetic store will or ever have this.
       This is the Sephora + Pantone COLOR IQ

My location is one of the pilot stores to test this out.  So far I love it!
  This was created because most women are walking around with the WRONG SHADE or WRONG FORMULA for their skin.  WE value natural looking makeup that lets your true beauty shine through. We want to enhance that, not mask it.

What Color IQ is:

Since we partnered with Pantone we are becoming more color savvy.  The program matched EVERY SINGLE foundation, tinted moisturizer, and BB cream we carry online and in store and gave it a certain code.  ex. 4Y09

From there we are able to start to use our hand held device.  This is a HD camera that takes three up close snap shots of the clients skin.  It averages out a shade and then tells us your unique color number to put into our Ipad App.

This is the Main Screen of the App.  This is where we start.

Below is the Device we use to measure your skin color.

This is an example of the color Codes and such.

Now this screen shown below is an example of what will pop up when we put in your color code.  It will show us all options for your color match.  From there, we are able to narrow down the selections by the BRAND, FORMULATION, INGREDIENTS, SKIN TYPE, and SPF.

We can even email the list to you own personal email.  :)

And then we go ahead and try what we like and go from there.  I am very familiar by color matching the old way but this definitely cut my time in half.  I cannot wait till this spreads to other stores.

I hope you guys visit your nearest Sephora and give this a try.  Trust me you WILL LOVE IT!!!

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