Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Lipstick Palette

The other day I reorganized my makeup and found this old lipgloss palette.  I received it from my sister years ago for Christmas and kept it ever since due to memories and of its uniqueness.  The glosses inside were far too old to use again so I figured out a cool way to reuse the palette with my own personal favorite lipsticks.  Here is a step by step instructional on what I did and a way to reuse your own old palettes.

Here is my palette.  Its a brand Fira that I assume was purchased from Hot Topic around 2001.  I have never heard of this brand before or remember much of other products by this brand.  But this is a cool packaging for 9 lip colors :)

I cleaned out the little pots inside with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips.  The three colors at the top I had already put in before I remembered to take pictures. haha  But this is how it would look like empty.

Here is where I shaved a bit of my favorite lipsticks and placed them in each pot.
I found it easy to use a razor so I wouldn't ruin the lipsticks.  These pots only held a little bit.

I used my hair dryer to melt the lipstick in the pots.
I used the low setting and did sit there for about 15 minutes before they melted.  I used a Q-tip to smooth out the colors.
And thats that.  Just clean up the edges and your all set! ^_^ 

After, I added an old Urban Decay lipgloss wand to complete the palette.  I am so excited I can reuse this awesome palette!  It makes traveling with many lip colors so much easier.  

For my choice of colors I used (left to right):

Dior Addict in Positive Red
Illamasqua in Pristine
L'Oreal in Mist
Maybellene in Cyber
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perele 106
Sephora Maniac Matt 09
NARS in Nouba
Purple Shimmer was original to the palette
Lastly, NARS in Gipsy

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