Friday, March 8, 2013

another wisdom pull.. bleh~

:getting started with the numbing:
This time I took some photos to share. haha.  AND I WAS AWAKE FOR IT THE WHOLE TIME!!! fucking gnarly for sure.. the top one wasn't so bad.  but the bottom! Christ you hear cracking and more pushing and pulling.  you people who were asleep for all four:  lucky you, BUT I prefer the one at a time healing WAYYYYYYYY better. I couldn't imagine healing from all four at once. EeEK!~

Below is the other MAIN tools.
And the HOrrOr Scene from after. 

Here is the Lovely care package they put together for me to take home :)  I even got to keep the tooth!!! 
  I have to eat pretty much baby food for a week. then I get the stitches removed.

I am now ready for a movie and nap.  I am soo tired, it was also at 10AM -   But I can already feel the annoying pressure gone.  :)
Also, enjoy my new hair hehe its a wig ;)

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