Friday, March 22, 2013

Makeup Application for Chris Motionless

A few weeks ago Chris contacted me about doing his makeup for a photo shoot and music video while he is in LA.  Such perfect timing!! haha  
I had such a blast doing his makeup today.  We shot the photo shoot today and I was able to grab a few good behind the scene photos.  Next week is the music video and after today I am suuppeerr excited to work with these guys again.  I was so happy with the way the makeup turned out.  I cannot wait to see what the photographer snagged.  

Here is my work station where the art begins!

I am at work!  Oh it feels so nice to do this for a living!!! <3

Here is the Makeup finished.  I CANNOT WAIT! to see the professional ones, I bet those will be killer!

The studio we were in had this little Zen station... we should have used it.  But instead no one lit any incense.  I didn't even see this section until I was about to leave... otherwise I may have lit one :)

The bottom half of my outfit.. :)  Super cute, and not at all hard to work in. hehe

Yay all of them looking good!!! <3

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  1. Amazing! I think that Your outfit is so pretty but just one question: does belt ring when You go?