Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Blab

  Good news, my face looks pretty much normal again without hurting or being brused a fun green/yellow.  I went to the dentist yesterday and had the sutures removed and it felt WAYYY better.  :) hehe no more crap from my teeth!
.. and speaking of teeth there are these new vitamins I am starting to take called Animal Parade Tooth Fairy.  They are little vitamins that taste like a light vanilla.  MY FAVORITE CANDY FLAVOR!! and it helps repair and whiten teeth by remineralizing them.  Only about $16 total.  :) 

  I also got a new tripod for my camera from my boyfriend.  YAY now I can take better photos without using my phone.. I swear that thing mind as well meld itself to my body.  I hate that.. I cannot do shit without it most of the time because its convenient.  blahh. 

  Okays, I hope everyone has a good weekend.  :)  Now that I am feeling better I will do some videos and more excitement... I had been a hermit and hidden for a week :/.  
.... . .. ..  XoxO   

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