Thursday, March 14, 2013

Small Brushes!!!!

  Yesterday I was browsing Makeup tips and some one talked about small brushes that were actually nail art brushes.  Well, they talked about how much detail they do and so forth.  I felt soo dumb I hadn't thought of that before. ahaha it was one of those moments where you were like Duhh!~  I would just use my art brushes or really expensive detail brushes from brands, and they never did EXACTLY what I wanted.  SO FOR literally $2.99 and free shipping on eBay I just bought a 15 Piece nail art set!!!  I am so anxious for them to arrive.  WILL DO A TUTORIAL!!
<3 Oh these are going to do SO MUCH ARTWORK on my Applications :)

I wanted to get these super cute purple ones, but I couldn't find them in a cheap 15 piece set. 

The ones I bought come in Pink and White as well.  I recommend any serious artist to buy these SUPER CHEAP brushes.  These will make everything SO MUCH EASIER!!!! <3 Ahh the endless possibilities!

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