Friday, May 3, 2013

London Trip - :)

I just got home from my 10 day vacation in London.
I really enjoyed my time there and was sad I had to leave.  I plan to go back again soon.  I still have more I want to do. :)
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I had planned this trip around a 5 day course at the Illamasqua Flagship Store.  I took Mastering Professional Makeup and sat in on a day of Vintage Glamour.
Randomly right before my trip there was an invite to attend the David Bowie Inspired Makeup Event by Alex Box.  Such awesome timing, I bought my ticket to go see her work in person.  I teared up because it was so surreal.. Such inspiration and motivation.

Im in the classroom.

I met up with Gabby while I was out there.  We went to Cyberdog and I bought two outfit pieces.  I will model them soon.
She was such a fun person to show me around London.  I had such a blast and was so happy to have met so many amazing people and made so many friends.

During my time out there the collection Paranormal Launched.  This is like a ravers dream!! Neon nail polish with a black light receptive top coat, waterproof eyeshadows, liner, skincare, shimmer, and lipsticks!!  I bought the skin care and Posture Lipstick.  I kind of regret not buying the E.S.P. color. :/

This was pretty much what I bought out there.  New crystals, Sage, Makeup, and Tea.  haha not much but stuff I needed.. hehe

Yay I graduated - ^_^

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