Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mays recap / update - blip

.... its already the end of May. :'(
  I will write this to give you some what of an update:
   So the month started out coming home from London.  That was so amazing.. im growing sad I wont return for awhile.  I miss it and everything there.. it was so life changing.  Luckily, I am still in contact with the people I met out there :)
  Shortly after I went to Vegas with family.  That was something crazy to experience.  I have never been before and it was quite fun.  I didn't booze up too much because its not my thing... I gambled a little and won none. haha.  The D casino reminded me of home. [If you hadn't known.. I am from Michigan, Detroit area]  I wanted to visit Area 51 but didn't realize we had passed it on the way home, so we stopped at Alien Fresh Jerky instead hahaha.  Really good jerky ;)  I definitely want to go again, this time with friends :)
  Then, my good friend Sasha had her 33rd Birthday party at the Rainbow Room.  She had a Jesus theme to celebrate her "Jesus Year" - if your not familiar with Jesus religion.. he died at the age of 33.
 - That was the most fun I have had with friends in a loong ass time.  so much needed.  I really liked my outfit and it gave me cravings to dress up crazy, crazy again.
   And now - I am just trying to work a bunch to regain my savings - so that jeopardized me filming tutorials or doing portfolio makeup looks for awhile.  All I have been doing the past couple weeks is waking up, work, and sleep.  I am bored with that now.  Luckily, next month I will be a little more busy.
  First off, the video I worked on and was in is going to be released June 3rd on Vemo.  Its the Motionless in White "America" music video.  I did Chris' makeup and then was able to fill in as one of the gogo dancers.  I am excited to see how it turned out.  This is my first Music Video haha.
  Second, I will be working on my friend Krystina again and giving her a few makeup looks for my portfolio. :)  Yay pause in life over!!  lets get back to "getting shit done."

I hope you enjoyed reading my may update.  XO <3

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