Monday, June 3, 2013

Motionless in White "America" Music Video

Yay!  Today is the launch of the new music video "America" by Motionless in White.  I was lucky enough to do Chris' Makeup and also be IN the video.
  It was such an unforgettable experience to work on this project.  I had so much fun! The video turned out AWESOME!!  <3 I hope you guys like it!

Below are makeup photos from the video.
It was very hot filming the video, I'm glad his makeup lasted majority of the way through. :)

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  1. Lucky! I like Motionless In White! I had the chance to meet them when they were opening for Lacuna Coil!

    I have write a article about this gig, if you want see, here is the link :

    Don't hesitate to leave a comment. It really would be pleased to know that you passed!

    Soon I hope !